Reports of a Rambling Voyager





Warm up your fingers, your heart and your mind.                                                                           The thoughts long forgotten until you took time.

Rhymes that don't work and some rhymes that aren't rhyming.  Beautiful sonnets and terrible timing.

Structure and chaos and all in the middles,               Write about heart-break, of food and of diddles.

"The good stuff gets transferred" you say to yourself,                                                                            Before formed you've already condemned some to shelf.                                          Judged before birth, before first breath of air -                                                                             Death to phonetics!                                           It hardly seems fair.  

But alas, that is life and I vow to refrain              From passing my judgements on thoughts filled with pain.


Casual chemistry

The universe is lovely.  Such nice breath: slow rise and fall.                                                                            Rhythmic, timed, beautiful.           Not understood but not required,                                                                    The chance to let go has finally transpired.

"You're doing so good, just look at you go.  Buoyant on water, you're one with the flow.  Who would have thought that you need not to think.  So deprived of hydration, come now - take a drink."

In love with my soul,                                            In love with my heart,                                            In love with my body,                                          In love with my art.                                               In love with creation,                                            In love with the air,                                In love with the atoms that sing unaware. 

Chemistry's beautiful,                                               The balancing game.                                     Particles collide and are never the same.

To think that they inherently know what provides balance, what helps them grow. 

A subtle exchange, an ion for you, and then we are stable, a product anew.

In love with the words engaged on my tongue,  Feelings I'd hidden from the time I was young.  How did this happen?                                        Where are you from?                                         I love our exchange and I love when we cum.


And here we find beauty


When Every Element falls into place:

Nature and love and commitment and space                       And the trace of potential,                                                     

It’s too monumental,                                                                      The acknowledgement of self and all of your credentials.

Just stand still and breathe it, Or better,

Believe it.

And know that with every iota of sound                              filled with stories and lovers that wander this ground        as we race                                                                                       slowly to our place of rest...

I like days like this the best.







…..Elemental.  Elemental.  Elemental.  (By God, dear Watson you’ve figured it out).

Elemental.   Elemental.   Elemental. Mental Mental Mental Mental Mental Mental

I’m insane.

So I take a deep breath.  And I direct it to the ground.

(I can feel the elements all around) and if I’m quiet.  And I have a true will, then I can hear the elements in sounds so still.

This vortex is filled with so much energy.

It grows so big it’s got me feeling like a manatee.

Go on now, accept your worth.  There’s a reason you’ve ignited this vessel on earth.

It’s elemental.  (Elemental Elemental).

It’s elemental.  (Elemental Elemental).

You’d like to talk about fire.  Well, I’m mostly made of air.  So if you factor in combustion, then there’s bound to be a flair.


(Elemental, Elemental-)

(Elemental, Elemental-)

(Elemental, Elemental-)

Go on now Watson and give them a shout.

(Elemental, Elemental-)

(Elemental, Elemental-)

Elemental, Elemental Mental Mental Mental Mental Mental

I’m insane.

Aw, finally.  Water.

Let’s move into flow.

Let’s swim in the beauty and strength of letting things go.


It’s elemental, can’t you see?

If you want one, four you’ll receive.  Go on now, accept the onslaught.  We all did.  We all got caught.  Unexpected, unawares, without worries without cares but trust

In darkness and light.

You don’t get thrown in the ring if you can’t take the fight.


Pickled beets for supper

The beat.  The beat.  The beat.  The beat.

The beat.  The Beat.  The beat.  The beat.

The beat's what makes me move.  Get up everyday like I've got nothing to lose

But I do.

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

It's how I live, it's what I believe.

And it shows.

I've got passion.  And I know it's not the fashion, I try to play it cool.  It don't work, I look like a fool                                        because that's not what I'm about.  Not my life not my journey, not my route.

And we're spinning on this rock we call home.  Just trying to find ways not to feel so alone and we collide.  And sometimes ride side by side and the spinning subsides.  For a moment.        For a week, for a day, for a lifetime.  And there's no way to say if we'll divide.          Confide in someone else's arms.  Set off alarms in our hearts and our chests.

And it's no one's fault but it's both our faults so we lay it at rest.

And we pine.  And we long and we yearn and we put up shields and teach our hearts to be stern.

And its a pity.  That we live in a city where the love that's in style is dirty and gritty.

Where the heart and the mind fall second and third.                                                            Land on deaf ears, needs go unheard but it's a chase.                                                              It's a game, that's what I'm told.  But I have never been athletic, I just want a hand to hold.  

It's the truth.

Someone to trust and lust.

It sounds simple but it's not.  Understanding what you offer and what you've got.  Not losing sight of your hopes and your dreams, coming together to create a team.

Might be impossible but I'm going to try, wear my heart on my sleeve till the day that I die.

And if I fall, I'm not a victim.

It's a choice that I'm making, a risk that I'm taking and when my heart's breaking I mend it.

I won't pretend it doesn't hurt.  But if I don't try then I can't say that I've learnt.

And when I need to I go back to the beat.  I let it lead me by the full of my feet.  Out of my bed and back into the street.  

To express what I do best, the rhythm and truth that rips through my chest.

It's how I live.  It's what I choose.  I wake up every day like I've got nothing to lose.